DVTEL’s Network Assistant (DNA) is a free and easy to use software tool that streamlines deployment and maintenance tasks of DVTEL Edge Devices. Download it now.

The DNA replaces older generation device configuration tools for DVTEL edge devices. The DNA can run directly from the Camera CD, a thumb drive, or from the hard-drive, on any windows computer, without any installation or Login. Simply double click and the DNA will launch, and discover DVTEL edge devices in the network.

  • Automatic discovery of edge devices, out of the box
  • Manual discovery of edge devices in routed networks
  • Assign IP to edge devices, one at a time or in batches
  • Automatic or manual Authentication for password protected edge devices
  • Ability to edit credentials of edge devices
  • And more… see the product bulletin in the Downloads section for details.

Downloads & Additional Materials

  • DVTEL Network Assistant Product Bulletin | Download
  • DVTEL Network Assistant Application and Help File | Download

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