The DVTEL Applications and Integration Center

You’ve probably heard of DVTEL’s Applications and Integration Center. And you might even know its motto: “If you can dream it, we can build it.” But what exactly is the AIC – and how can its team help you as a customer? The AIC’s main mission is to integrate third-party products with DVTEL’s Latitude Network… Read more »

The Need for Proactive, not Reactive Security

By Sagy Amit As any home or business owner knows, it’s better to prevent a break-in than to actually experience one. Hence the need for a security system that works proactively to prevent crime — rather than simply providing video evidence after the fact. The alarm industry today is plagued by false alarms, which account… Read more »

Game Changer

IP cameras and mobile applications are rapidly changing the dynamics of the security industry. Experts contend that new generations of smartphones will become their own central monitoring stations, or command and control centers. Not only are wireless technologies providing users with more mobility than ever but these devices extend the reach of a surveillance infrastructure… Read more »